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Feel Right - Coaching & Sophrologie Dynamique

What is that ?

Coaching is a process of active listening  which helps a person to overcome an obstacle, go smoothly through a change or reach a goal, either in their professional or personal life.


Through a benevolent and empathic questioning, my role as a coach is to support you in becoming aware of your resources, your ways of functioning and communicating, your limiting beliefs. I will help you to boost your potential and your talents. I will back you widening your fields of possibilities and reaching your objective, responsibly, and autonomously. 

My approach is based on transactional analysis, neuro-linguistic programming, symbolic coaching, non-violent communication. I also use tools coming from dynamic sophrology®, neuro-cognitive and behavioural approach, forest bathing, and eco-psychology.

Coaching does not replace whatsoever neither psychotherapy, nor counselling or training. Nevertheless, it can be a valid support to all three of them.

For whom ?

For (pre)adolescents and adults who: 


  • are living a stressful situation;

  • have either been diagnosed in a (pre)burnout state, or are assisting someone who is; 

  • feel overwhelmed by emotions (such in the cases of highly sensitive or high potential people, or people suffering from (eco)anxiety); 

  • feel (di)stressed due to the current environmental planetary issues or are undergoing an environmental transition and need support to go through the inner change allowing them to endorse the cause in a righter way and without getting exhausted.  

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