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Dynamic Sophrology®

Feel Right - Coaching & Sophrologie dynamique


What is that?

​​Easy-to-do exercises, either standing or sitting, such as body movements, breathing, relaxation techniques, visualisations. They are adaptable to our specific needs at the moment. For kids, those exercises are turned into a play. If practiced regularly, sophrology can lead to remarkable improvements in body and mind. The code of ethics of the Réseau de Sophrologie Dynamique® (previously Association Éuropéenne de Sophrologie Dynamique®) is the leitmotiv of my practice.


Progressively exploring the energy of our body, our emotions, our intuition. Reconnecting with our vital force, with that momentum which motivates us towards a better future.  Overcoming our obstacles. Strengthening the sense of  our presence. Recontacting our intuition and consolidating our capacity to link episodes in our lives and understanding their meaning.

The word  sophrology comes from ancient Greek and means "the science of consciousness in harmony".

Created by the Chilean neuro-psychiatrist Alfonso Caycedo, sophrology was inspired by different disciplines, both from Asian cultures (e.g. yoga and Zen meditation) and Occidental ones (Existentialism, hypnotherapy, C.G. Jung's psychoanalysys, Phenomenology, neurosciences...). The French doctor Yves Davrou, Caycedo's translator and assistant, then created a new branch of sophrology which led to what is today's dynamic sophrology®. Therefore, sophrology has some  medical origins.

Nevertheless, a sophrologist cannot replace by any means neither a doctor nor a psychotherapist, although collaboration among those professionals could be highly beneficial.

For whom?

For (pre)adolescents and adults who: 


  • are living a stressful situation;

  • have either been diagnosed in a (pre)burnout state, or are assisting someone who is; 

  • feel overwhelmed by emotions (such in the cases of highly sensitive or high potential people, or people suffering from (eco)anxiety); 

  • feel (di)stressed due to the current environmental planetary issues or are undergoing an environmental transition and need support to go through the inner change allowing them to endorse the cause in a righter way and without getting exhausted. 

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