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Feel Right - Coaching & Sophrologie Dynamique
Burnout talking groups  

Sharing our experience and our emotions, meeting other people ... a similar experience with many enriching differences.

A sympathetic, non-judgmental and confidential framework as a background. 

How does it work? 

  • 10 sessions of 2 hours each, every 2 weeks except holiday periods 

  • 4-5 participants committed to follow the entire programme 

  • Dynamic relaxation exercises and talking moments  

2 different groups

1. I am in a burnout 

2. I am assisting someone who is in a burnout

Would you like to learn more ? Do not hesitate to contact me !

Workshops on a better management of stress - emotions - ecodistress

A series of workshops different in subject and duration to advance in our own personal development and overcome our obstacles while also benefiting from the group's richness and energy. 

An interactive presentation of tools and training exercices aimed at better manage stress, emotions and eco distress (including eco-anxiety), smooth the inter-personal communication, learn to better understand ourselves and the others. 

An approach based among others on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Non-violent Communication (NVC), Transactional Analysis, and Collective Intelligence and Dynamic Sophrology® tools.

Would you like to learn more ? Do not hesitate to contact me !

Dynamic sophrology®

A path shared with others to benefit from the energy of the group. 

Thematic groups

They are made by people sharing the same need.s (e.g. stress and emotions management, support to a family member who is sick or in a burnout). This allows me to propose a targeted program, starting with the harmonisation of our body energy. This could be followed by a series of sessions to explore our emotions and, possibly, some others to harmonise our intuitive intelligence. 

Do not hesitate  to involve any friend/acquaintance having the same needs as you, to form a group more rapidly! 

Mixed groups

These sessions address people having different needs. As a consequence, the programme I adopt is more generic. At the same time, it allows one to experience the fundamentals of dynamic sophrology®. It mainly consists of practical training that can also include some simple elements of the related theory.

I propose 3 Cycles of Initiation to Dynamic Sophrology® of different levels. They are composed of 10 sessions each. Every session lasts around 1 hour: 

  • First level - Body Intelligence: feeling good in the present moment: it aims at experiencing the concepts of dynamic relaxation, sensory perception, energy manifestation and mobilisation, sensory activation of the 5 senses, sleeping and tension management, boosting of our concentration.

  • Second level - Emotional Intelligence: appreciating the existence and picturing ourselves into a more tailor-made future for us: to become aware of the emotional function and explore our own emotions, manage stress, feel present, and experience “futurisation” techniques. ​

  • Third level - Intuitive Intelligence: creating connections that make sense and developing a new outlook on our past: training our memory and past, the notion of synchronicity, the activation of our intuition through the “waking dream” technique by Y. Davrou. 

No prerequisites are needed to participate in the first level, but to continue with the overall program you would need to participate in the previous cycles. 

Do not hesitate to share the information with any interested friends/acquaintances to form a group more rapidly! 

Would you like to learn more ? Do not hesitate to contact me !

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