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Feel Right - Coaching & Sophrologie Dynamique

It has been scientifically proven that being in contact with a natural environment lowers our anxiety and stress. It relaxes us, thus, allowing us to see things clearer. It improves our mood. Our memory and focus also benefit from it and we feel more energetic - Dr. Qing Li "Shinrin-Yoku, the art and science of forest bathing". 


Nothing better to magnify the benefits of both coaching and sophrology! 

Then, let's enjoy it! 


Be it in a parc, a forest or in a garden, via coaching or sophrology (or both), let's get surprised by what nature can bring to our personal development! 

It might be a walking coaching, should you be up to it. The natural environment where we will practice might offer us different inspirational sources and further widen the coaching tools to use. This will also apply to sophrology which can be enriched by multiple variations each one bringing discoveries, new ways of contacting our senses, our emotions, our intuition. 


We will adapt our dress code to the weather. Hence, I invite you to make sure you foresee all the necessary to feel comfortable be it warm, fresh, cold, humid or else. 

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