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What if we made an asset out of our sensitivity?

Learn more about it via my guidance through the

high-sensitivity test

by Dr Elaine Aron!

Feel Right

Feel Right - Coaching et Sophrologie Dynamique

…feel just good right now...neither too much, nor too little...just what we need in the present moment.


I have chosen this slogan to highlight a concept that really fascinated me when I first discovered dynamic sophrology® and then coaching. We are capable of “accuracy” when it comes to our bodily sensations, emotions and thoughts. We can learn to adjust them, focus on what is more pleasant for us to live, and accept with benevolence and absence of judgement what is less agreeable.  


Use the time lapse of a session or a workshop to get trained; keep on practising at our rhythm in our daily life to better integrate it until it becomes a habit without even realising it.     


This modus operandi is particularly useful in a vast array of needs. In my supporting sessions, my focus is on stress management/prevention and environmental associated emotional (di)stress.


Hence, I hold individual sessions for (pre)adolescents or adults: living in a stressful situation, either been diagnosed with a (pre)burnout state or assisting someone who is; feeling overwhelmed by emotions (such in the cases of highly sensitive or high potential people, or people suffering from (eco)anxiety); wishing to know more about their sensitivity through the high-sensitivity test by Dr Elaine Aronfeeling either distressed due to the current environmental planetary issues or undergoing an environmental transition and in need of support to go through the inner change needed for them to endorse the cause in a righter way and without getting exhausted. 

At the same time…why waiting for a “problem” to make you feel good? Maybe you simply feel like getting to know yourself better or take a moment for yourself. 


Herewith my group and team sessions:


  • Burnout Talking Circles and Workshops  


  • High Sensitivity and Eco-anxiety Talking Circles


  • Stress and emotion better management workshops or Dynamic SophrologyⓇ sessions

  • Discovery cycles to get to know Dynamic SophrologyⓇ (and yourself) better


  • Feel Right workshops (a mix of bodily exercises, breathings, relaxation techniques and other tools to simply feel good)


All of my sessions can be either indoor or outdoor, or both. This includes walking coaching and sessions in a natural environment.


I follow a holistic body-mind approach, based on either coaching or dynamic sophrology®, or both of them. I respect the ethics of empathy, benevolence, absence of judgement, trust and confidentiality.

According to your specific needs, I will guide you to train one or more aspects of your intelligence (body, emotional, rational, intuitive…). This will help you feel globally more vital and self-confident, and get back to your inner calm. You will learn tools to develop a more positive attitude in life, let go of things, and become more aware of your resources, ways of functioning and communicating, and constraints. You will then feel able to boost your skills and equipped to reach your goals in an autonomous, authentic and responsible way.  

When it goes via coaching, in my individual sessions it mainly consists of a series of powerful questions and self-management exercises. In my group/team sessions and workshops, I also use collective intelligence and other tools that allow me to be at the same time in my posture as a coach, a trainer and a mentor.


Dynamic sophrology® is a series of body movements, breathings, dynamic relaxation techniques and visualisations. Individual sessions are tailored to your specific requirements. Group sessions are more generic at the same time allowing to benefit from the energy of the group. 

I am persuaded that a reconnection to Nature greatly helps reconnecting to ourselves too. That is why I very often get inspired by sylvotherapy and ecopsychology techniques in both my indoor and outdoor sessions.


By visiting the different sections of my website, you will have more insights on coaching, dynamic sophrology®, my individual and collective sessions, be them indoor or outdoor and who I am.


So, ready to Feel Right ?

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